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Digital Marketing Analysis – Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute

Munson-Williams-Proctors Art Institute – Utica, NY

The executive director and marketing director wanted to understand the best advertising channels for a large art exhibit to improve visitor outreach for future exhibits.

2015 Visitor Zip Codes (only May – November)
2015 Admission Records with Visitor Types (only May – November)
2015 Exhibit Advertising Expenses
2015 Exhibit Digital Marketing Report (Clicks, Impressions, CTR)
2015 Exhibit Visitor Surveys (Questions included advertising channels)

This analysis compared several advertising channels (radio, print, TV, and digital) and the process focused on limiting sample bias by splitting advertising channels. Traditional channels such as radio, print and TV were set in one group and digital was set in another group. Traditional advertising expenses were then compared to visitor zip codes as well visitor survey responses. Digital advertising was processed in a different way with a focus on comparing online website engagement with onsite attendance.

The visual report revealed that while a large amount of the budget was spent on print advertisement. The majority of visitors stated radio as the defining channel that led them to the large art exhibit. Though this was helpful, the main aim of the digital marketing analysis is to deliver a performance review on online engagement and the report showed an upward trend in clicks tied to specific web banners. The report allowed the executive director to confidently shift funds to a better digital advertising service.

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