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Attendance Trend Analysis – Utica Zoo

Utica Zoo – Utica, NY

The executive director and marketing manager wanted to know the amount of tourists traveling within a 6 hour drive to understand the tourism impact of the Zoo. They also wanted to see if there was a correlation between local visitor patterns and weather trends.

2009 – 2016 Admission Records with Visitor Types

The attendance analysis focused on analyzing 8 consecutive years of visitor data with a focus on separating visitor groups into locals (1 hour drive from the Zoo) and tourists (+2 hours drive from the Zoo). Our team also added in weather trends for the Utica-area to sort out the best possible dates for fall and winter outdoor events.

The visual report revealed major insights such as the majority of tourists came from faraway places such as Austin, TX, Charlotte, NC and Fort Lauderdale, FL. These areas were well past the 6 hours drive maximum and represented new target areas for tourism marketing. Also the weather data section of the report listed future attendance statistics for the next 3 years with recommendations for outdoor event dates.

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